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Advertising, Logo, Photography

The design of the Avli Restaurant is inspired by Bohemian culture and art. Fascinated by the elegance, simplicity, and freshness of Bohemian art in other parts of the world, the restaurant’s owner decided to return to his country and erect a restaurant inspired by pure Bohemian art.

Bohemian style is one of the most popular decoration styles and has roots in the Gypsy thought of fantasy freedom. This style is known for vibrant yet earnest colors and is accompanied by elements, such as respect for nature, living a simple life, and eating healthy.

From the beginning of his decision to set up the restaurant, the restaurant’s owner introduced the project to Karmano Studio and trusted Us with the complete design of the visual identity.

After signing the contract and receiving the order brief from the client, the design process began. The integral guidelines we tried to remain committed to at all stages included observing simplicity and complying with the essence of Bohemian art. Therefore, why we preferred seal over usual prints for packaging. We even designed the restaurant menu in monochrome on normal paper. All these measures are meant to instill an earnest atmosphere in line with nature.

Also, it should be noted that in the design of the restaurant logo, we were inspired by the fashionable Bohemian architectural form. Besides, the “Bohemian Vibe” tagline was also inspired

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